Tough Economic Times

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CONTRACT DRAFTING AND DESIGN  SERVICES During these tough economic times some of us may find the need to down size and to reduce our overhead costs any way possible?

A Professional Building Designer could be the answer you are searching for. Consider Sub-Contracting your drafting needs to Brenda Johnson a Professional Member of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD). 

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Tough Economic Times
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Eliminate the costs of a computer, software, training, benefits and the overall cost of an in house employee. Enjoy larger profits for your company. Minimize your time drafting, send your preliminary manual designs to a professional building designer that can take your sketches and complete the construction documents to your satisfaction. Using the latest in Autodesk technology with AutoCAD 2009, plans will be submitted to you in phases for your review, design development floor plans and elevations for review with your client to full construction documents ready for engineering including foundation, floor framing and roof framing plans. Your Engineered specifications, details and S sheets added to drawings.  
Introducing Brenda Johnson,  Professional Building Designer and owner of CADDesign & Construction Services, LLC. With over 25 years in construction and design, proficient in AutoCAD and excellent knowledge of the State of Washington adopted Building Codes. You will enjoy the convenience and benefits of sending out your drafting services so much so that you may continue working with CADDesign long after the recovery of these tough economic times. 

Currently working with Architects, Engineers and Builders fulfilling their need for a Professional Designer and AutoCAD operator on an as needed basis.

Call today and see if your company could benefit from the expertise of Brenda Johnson.


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